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I absolutely love photographing destination weddings, and Sweden has always been one of my very favourite countries to visit! One of the reasons must be that my wife is Swedish and we got married in Swedish woods not so long ago.

This wedding just outside of Gothenburg in Sweden was also a very special affair. It was my wife’s brother, my dear brother in law Dennis getting married to his beautiful other half Lina. It was my greatest honour and pleasure to be their Gothenburg wedding photographer.

Originally we planned to attend this Swedish wedding with the whole family, but our baby boy Erick was just born a couple of months earlier so I just had to attend the wedding myself, first and foremost as a guest and secondly as a destination wedding photographer Sweden too!

Gunnebo Slott Wedding Photography

The future husband and wife decided to host the wedding reception in a place they both knew, a boat club right by the lake just on the outskirts of Gothenburg. The wedding ceremony took place at the beautiful Gunnebo House (Swedish: Gunnebo slott), a mansion located outside Gothenburg, in Mölndal Municipality.

Both places were just perfect for the newlyweds and great backdrops to the wedding photography on the day.

Gothenburg Wedding Photos

Here is a short selection of Gothenburg wedding photos from this beautiful day, enjoy!

Photographing a Swedish Destination Wedding

As a destination wedding photographer Sweden, I approached this Gothenburg wedding in as I would with any other wedding shot anywhere else in the world.

The goal was to photograph the wedding day for the bride and groom and their wedding guests in a relaxed and unobtrusive way. I documented the wedding day as it happened so whoever looks through the photos can feel as if they were there. Another super important thing was to photograph all those little special moments that made the wedding unique to the couple and their close ones, especially focusing on the family and guests who are most important to the bride and groom.

Destination Wedding Photography Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg is such a beautiful city in Sweden to photograph, and also a perfect location for a wedding day celebrations.

Gothenburg, (Swedish Göteborg) is situated off the Göta älv river on Sweden’s west coast. It is an important seaport, known for its Dutch-style canals and leafy boulevards like the Avenyn, the city’s main thoroughfare, lined with many cafes and shops. My favourite attraction when visiting has always been the Liseberg, a popular amusement park with themed rides, performance venues and a landscaped sculpture garden. Now it is a favourite with our kids!

We always love coming back here, whether it’s for a short holiday with the family or to photograph a wedding around this beautiful city.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Sweden, or anywhere else, please get in touch for a chat about your wedding plans.

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