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Jewish Wedding Photography

Last summer I had an enormous pleasure to be a Jewish wedding photographer at a wedding of Alex and Jennie just outside of London. From all the different weddings I photographed this year this informal Jewish countryside wedding was definitely one of my favourites. The couple, the wedding guests, the place and the weather were just perfect. If anything it was slightly too hot!

I love photographing Jewish weddings in London and all over the UK and abroad, whether it’s an orthodox ceremony or a modern Jewish wedding. It is great to capture all the traditional elements, like Tisch, Bedekken, and Ketubah. What is even better for me as a documentary wedding photographer is that Jewish weddings are so full of energy and always great fun. They are also centred around family and friends and there is always a lot going on which is just perfect for my style of photography, based on documenting a wedding with a photojournalistic approach.

Jewish Wedding Photographer London

The wedding of Jennie and Alex took place on a beautiful farm just outside of London. This was definitely a slightly less formal Jewish wedding with an emphasis on everyone enjoying themselves and having fun. Just look at the colour of everyone’s kippahs-simply brilliant! The couple themselves are just two awesome and creative people, with a great and so contagious sense of humour. I don’t think I remember the last time I laughed so much at a wedding! They were surrounded by an amazing bunch of friends and family and the love was clearly in the air.

The wedding ceremony took place traditionally underneath a Chuppah (which symbolises the home the couple will later build together), in a field between the main house and the wedding tipi. There was a reading of Ketubah as well as the seven blessings. The bride also circled the groom seven times. This represents the seven days of creation as well as the groom being from now on the centre of bride’s life. There was also, of course, drinking wine and the smashing of the glass, a very important part of a Jewish wedding ceremony. Which was successful after a couple of attempts, not an easy task done on the grass!

No real Jewish wedding could take place without the traditional Israeli dancing, and this one was no exception. I had to be a bit careful there as some of the guests were spinning very quickly close to me, including the bride and groom! It was so fun and energetic event, with the bride and groom lifted by the wedding guests and balanced on their chairs.

DIY Summer Tipi Wedding

The food was a buffet style choice of mouth-watering dishes, all served on bamboo plates and eaten with bamboo forks and knives, truly festival style.

The wedding speeches by the father of the bride, the groom and the best man, as well as the bride, were just perfect. They had a right balance between moving and funny moments with many Mazel Tovs in between!

The party part of the wedding did not disappoint either. Many different guests turned out to be talented musicians as well, playing different instruments, while the groom was awesome on the vocals!

When it came to first dance and the dancing moves in general, it was a pure joy to witness and photograph. Jennie and Alex, as well as all their guests (kids included) certainly know how to rock the dancefloor!

There were so many DIY elements to this wedding, making it extra special. Like all the decorations as well as the cake and flowers all perfectly prepared by the mother of the bride. And Jennie looked absolutely stunning in her dress from Blush Bridal with make-up and hair provided by Prisca Hofer.

We wrapped up the day with a few golden hour phots with the bride and groom and a couple of marshmallows baked over the bonfire, delicious!

Thank you so much, Jennie and Alex, for trusting in me to document your absolutely amazing summer wedding. Every time I think about it puts a big smile on my face!

If you are looking for a Jewish wedding photographer London and beyond who would capture all the important moments of your wedding day, then please get in touch for a chat. You can also check another summer tipi wedding (this time a rainy one!) right here.





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