Wedding Photographer Hampshire- Skylark Club

Charlotte and Daniel’s wedding at the Skylark Golf and Country Club was a great one. As their wedding photographer Hampshire I enjoyed every minute of it.

As usual, we started with a few shots of the girls and the guys getting ready in a nearby hotel. Daniel and boys looked great in their grey tailored suits. A nice touch was that they all received beautiful leather strap watches as gifts from the bride which were quickly checked and synchronised to make sure things will run on time. Which they (pretty much) did for the rest of the day!

Charlotte and her bridesmaids were getting ready in a nearby room, touching up in cool kimonos. So a bit of make-up, few drops of bubbly, dresses on (the bride looked absolutely stunning in hers) and off we were to the Skylark Club, our main venue for the day.

Skylark Club Wedding

The weather was mostly on our side. Occasionally strong winds were blowing the hair all over the place, which resulted in some great photographs. As a wedding photographer Hampshire, I simply love windy weddings, so much more movement in the shots!

The ceremony took place in a nearby barn and then the celebrations continued at the Skylark Club itself. This wedding was especially emotional, with some serious laughter and tears, especially through the speeches.

Couple shoot was also a fun one. Using a golf cart to move from place to place (Daniel absolutely loved it 🙂 and dodging golf balls over our heads didn’t stop the couple from looking absolutely gorgeous. We even found some magical light while strolling through nearby path in the woods.

The day finished with the usual cake cutting, first dance and a great atmosphere on the dancefloor!

Thank you so much guys! x

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