11 Wedding Photography Tips For Beautiful Photos

11 Wedding Photography Tips That Will Make Your Photos Stunning

Your wedding photos will be the best reference you have when you want to look back on one of the most important days of your life. To make sure you and your photos look stunning, check out these wedding photography tips!

Photographs are the most classically beautiful way to remember a wedding. They capture smiles, tears of joy, and each and every person who attended your unforgettable ceremony.

So, make sure that you’re getting the absolute best photos possible by enforcing the proper precautions. Want to know more?

Simply GET IN TOUCH for a chat or keep reading to learn all about how to look good in wedding photos and for our top ten wedding photography tips to ensure that the memories of your big day are as perfect as the day itself. Let’s get started!

1. Make a Mood Board

The best way to organise your thoughts before your wedding day is to make a mood board. A mood board is a great opportunity to outline your favourite colours, styles, and to showcase your unique personality.

This will come in handy once you hire a wedding photographer. A detailed mood board will help you explain your preferences in a visual way that will influence each of your photographer’s shots.

Search for wedding photos on popular websites and blogs for inspiration. Pick out your favourite looks and styles, and compile them into a collage for future reference.

Pinterest is definitely a perfect application for this process to be smooth and efficient. After creating your board it is super easy to share it straight away with your wedding photographer as long as they have a Pinterest account (which they definitely should!).

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2. Hire a Photographer Who Understands Your Vision

Even after you’ve created your lovely mood board, it’s still important to hire a photographer whose work is in line with your preferences. Make sure that you thoroughly research each of your options in order to find the perfect fit for you.

And when you meet with them, ask lots of questions! The ideal candidate should make you even more excited for your big day.

If you are still looking for a great wedding photographer, then check our blog and get in touch for a chat about your day!

3. Communicate With and Listen to Your Wedding Photographer

After choosing the right wedding photographer for you make sure you communicate well with each other, especially regarding your needs and expectations.

If they have any tips regarding locations,  timings or lighting, listen to their advice. If they are experienced enough, they’ll know what they are talking about.

If there are photos that you know that you absolutely must have, make sure you let them know (just don’t make the list too long!).

Allowing enough of time for the official photos as well as the couple shoot will always result in the photos being more relaxed. This way no one needs to rush and the result will be better images with everyone looking their best.

Make sure you communicate the order of the day with your wedding photographer, and take his or her advice before finalising timings.

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4. Make Time for Hair and Makeup

Scheduling in the proper amount of time for hair and makeup on your wedding day is an absolutely vital part of getting amazing wedding photos. After all, if you’re at all rushed in this department, it will throw off the scheduling of the entire day. A truncated schedule will mean sacrificing part of your photo session, so make sure that you give your hair and makeup team plenty of time to finish their work.

5. Keep Your Locations to a Minimum

When you find that perfect location for your wedding, it can be tempting to have a photo shoot in every corner. But location changes take up massive amounts of precious time and can take away from the overall quality of your shoot.

To relieve stress from you and your photographer, keep your location choices to a minimum. Plus, an amazing wedding photographer will be able to make the best from any conditions and backdrop.

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6. Everyone You Hire Will Affect Your Photos

Although it may not seem like the vendors who you hire for the other aspects of your wedding would affect your photos, they do. Because when one thing goes wrong, it creates a snowball effect that throws off everything else as well.

So, make sure that you choose your vendors and helpers carefully. Find an amazing wedding planner, an excellent catering team, and a helpful serving staff to ensure that everything goes smoothly. When the other aspects of your wedding day go well, your photos will, too.

7. Opt for a Veil

If you’re a bride who’s unsure of whether or not to wear a veil, we recommend going for it. Veils add another gorgeous element to play with in your wedding photos.

The flowing fabric is elegant and you can always take it off for some of the time if you like. Providing your photographer with more options to work with will ensure that you get that perfect wedding photo.

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8. Fun Wedding Photography Tips

Looking for wedding photo tips that will add some fun to your album? These ideas are the way to go.

The first option is to use toss items like confetti. Whether you use them when the bridal party is getting ready, right after the ceremony, during your first dance, or when you’re riding away into the sunset, these items add an extra layer of merriness to your wedding photos. So, make some confetti before your big day and have fun with it!

And if your ceremony ends at night, you can also add some extra wow factor by having a sparkler exit. Get everyone in your wedding party to light up sparklers at the same time- and make sure your photographer captures the fun!

Or if you want to go for something even more spectacular, wedding fireworks are always a winner!

9. Incorporate a First Look

Have you ever heard of a first look? It’s when a bride and groom share a moment right before their wedding ceremony. The purpose of the first look is to allow them to have a private moment of connection before they are bombarded with all the lovely kisses and congratulations from their guests.

Allowing your wedding photographer to be a fly on the wall during this moment will give you some truly precious pictures to look back on. So, if you want some photos with a candid, intimate feel, incorporating a first look into your wedding day schedule is the perfect move.

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10. Keep Lighting in Mind

While creating your wedding day schedule with your photographer, be sure to keep lighting in mind at all times. When and where does the best lighting occur at your chosen location? Which photos do you want to take at these times?

Rank each planned shoot by the level of importance. For example, we recommend shooting the couples session during the time of day with the best lighting, which is usually around late afternoon. Especially on a sunny day.

After all, these photos of just the two of you will be the ones that reflect your love in the most organic way.

11. Have Fun and Enjoy Your Day!

This could/should be probably a wedding photography tip number one.

With all the rushing around and things going crazy (and sometimes with lightning-like speeds) on your wedding day its easy to get lost in the logistics.

The very important thing is to always remember what your day is supposed to be about. It’s the celebration of your love with your closest ones, your family and friends!

It is such a joyous occasion so try to simply enjoy it and have fun. If you do, it will show in the photographs. They will then look relaxed and full of joy!


Congratulations on your upcoming big day. With the wedding photography tips above, you’re sure to have the perfect memories of a perfect day.

Just remember to be strict with your schedule, to allow plenty of time for hair and makeup, and to add fun elements like confetti or a sparkler exit. Relax, enjoy your day, and trust that your photographer is capturing each and every perfect moment!

If you want more information about how to get the wedding photos of your dreams, we’ve got your back. Check out our blog page for tons of tips and tricks that will make your big day a breeze!

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