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Last summer I had an enormous pleasure to be a Bath wedding photographer for a couple who came all the way from Hong Kong. Noelle and Kevin-two amazing people… or more like two kids in love. They got in touch with me a few months before, asking if we could do a couple shoot in Bath and Castle Combe. There could really only be one answer: yes please, let’s do it! The scenery that the couple chose was simply breathtaking! It had just the right amount of beautiful architecture and nature mixed into it. What they asked for was a mixture of romantic and relaxed photos, which I think you could agree with me, they received at the end!

We started our shoot in a picturesque hotel in Bath with some great outdoor features like gardens and pagodas. Bath is such a great city to photograph, with sandstone coloured buildings, Roman baths and river Avon flowing through it. Just a great backdrop for anyone thinking of doing wedding photography there.

Castle Combe Wedding Photographer

The next step in our journey was Castle Combe. The tiny village (literally one street!) is an embodiment of a fairy tale medieval place. It has gorgeous and quirky architecture as well as beautiful gardens and rolling hills in the background. The place itself seems like out of this world. It is a quintessentially English village named as the ‘prettiest village in England.’ It sits in the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in north-west Wiltshire. There is a stream going through the village at the bottom of it with a cute bridge going over it. Most of the area is private and we had to be very respectful and ask for the permission of the local folks to continue shooting along the stream. It has been definitely so so worth it!

At the last part of our little adventure, we went back to Bath. There Noelle changed into her 60’s inspired black dress with a gorgeous facepiece. We managed to snap some intimate photos in the golden hour of the sunset light. And all that with stunning architecture of Bath in the background.

Noelle and Kevin were just a perfect couple for the day, easy going and fun to be around. Thank you so much guys! x

If you like this post and are looking for a wedding photographer to cover your Bath wedding (or beyond) please let me know. I would be great to get to know you and see if I could be a part of it!


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  1. HI Marek, we just visited your website again while introducing you to my friends! So touching to see all these photos again and again! Thanks so much!!


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