Swallows Nest Barn – Wedding Photographer Warwickshire

Joanne and Tom’s wedding at Swallows Nest Barn venue was simply stunning from start to finish. As a Warwickshire wedding photographer, I couldn’t have asked for much more.

The venue was beautifully situated in the middle of Warwickshire countryside, surrounded by rolling hills, meadows, streams and sunflower fields. This amazing scenery helped to create some beautiful backdrops for all the candid portraits during the couple shoot.

Beautiful Warwickshire Barn Wedding

All the day was simply about what great wedding should be: a celebration of a deep connection between two people very much in love. That combined with all the emotions and support form families and friends really shone through the photos. All those things combined with a good dose of laughter, tears and crazy dancefloor moves made the day truly complete.

A big respect to Joanne for taking the chance and balancing gracefully on top of the fallen tree over dangerous rapids during our little session. And to Tom for not letting her fall!

We even managed to sneak out for a few shots before the sunset, those few fleeting minutes when the sun poked through the clouds creating magical light.

Thank you guys for letting me document your special day. I loved every minute of it! x

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