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Sopley Mill Wedding Photographer

Sopley Mill is such a great wedding venue. As a Dorset wedding photographer, I enjoyed taking wedding photos there so much. And with the bride and groom being so welcoming on their wedding day I could hardly feel I’m at work!

Wedding Photography Dorset

Being a wedding photographer in Dorset is always a great pleasure. Dorset is one of my favourite counties for wedding photography. It has a beautiful coastline and gorgeous countryside which always make for great backdrops to wedding photos. It also has a good number of beautiful wedding venues. One of them, the Sopley Mill, was our venue for the wedding of Andy and Becky, a super nice and relaxed bride and groom. 

Natural Wedding Photography at Sopley Mill  

I approached my wedding photography at Sopley Mill in my signature Blue Lily Weddings style. The wedding day was captured in an unobtrusive, documentary style. I let the bride and groom and their wedding guest have fun and enjoy their day. I was there as their wedding photographer to document it in a natural way. No posing or staging, only a bit of guiding during the formal group photos and the bride and groom shots to create a relaxed vibe and make everyone looks their best.

This way we were able to create a set of wedding photos that tells the full story of the wedding day in a beautiful and true way. The goal, as always, was for the bride and groom be transported to those moments feeling as they were there. By looking through those pictures they will be able to relive their wedding day in vivid detail.

Sopley Mill wedding Photos

Here is my selection of eighty-something wedding photographs from this beautiful day at Sopley Mill, enjoy!

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Sopley Mill Wedding Venue

Sopley Mill is such a gorgeous wedding venue situated right in the heart of Dorset countryside. It is just perfect for anyone looking to get married in Dorset. It also makes for a great backdrop to wedding photos.

Sopley Mill is a renovated mill, a beautiful red brick building surrounded from both sides by river Avon. The river even runs through it!

As soon as you arrive at Sopley Mill you are surrounded by water meadows stretching all the way to the woods on the horizon. During the wedding there were horses running around wildly through them, just take a look at the photos! 

It has quite a few rooms to accommodate the needs of anyone looking to organise small to a middle size wedding. 

There is the Avon suite for the bride and her bridesmaids to get ready in. On the middle floor, there is the wedding ceremony room with windows overlooking surrounding Dorset fields. This room is later transformed into a room where the evening party takes place.

The top room, with the best views, is where the wedding breakfast takes place.

The ground floor is with some original old mill features hosts a bar and is great for the drinks reception.

There is also a large lawn area outside where kids could run around and wedding guests played wedding games, always a fun part to photograph at a wedding.

Wedding Photography at the best Dorset Wedding Venue

The bride and groom on the day were Becky and Andy. Together with their wedding guests, they made me feel very welcomed. The atmosphere at the wedding was very relaxed, filled with joy and laughter.

We started photography with a few photos of the wedding venue and the surrounding countryside. Then the photos continued in the getting ready, Avon room, where the bride was applying finishing touches in the company of her bridesmaids as well as the mother of the bride. What was great is a lot of personal touches throughout the day. One of them being the bride making her own bouquet. She is quite a florist!

The ceremony was beautiful and touching. The drinks reception was shortly after, which followed by the wedding breakfast. What made the wedding meal special was that the theme was an English picnic and the food was served in traditional picnic baskets.

I also loved the personal touches, like the table plan made out of different herbs, still growing in their pots and fully edible! The wedding speeches by the father of the bride, the groom and the best man were beautiful and moving as well as very funny!

In the evening Sopley Mill was beautifully lit creating almost a festive atmosphere, such a stunning Dorset wedding venue!

Thank you so much, Becky and Andy, for letting me document your beautiful Dorset wedding at the gorgeous Sopley Mill. It has been a true honour and pleasure, and so much fun!


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