London Wedding Photographer

London Wedding Photographer

Amy and Lewis! What an amazing couple, surrounded on their big day by a lovely bunch of family and friends. I had such a great day being their London wedding photographer. But don’t take my word for it, just browse through the photos below and see for yourselves!

The preparations, the ceremony and meal took place at the York and Albany. It’s one of Gordon Ramsay’s London restaurants situated in Camden. Just at the edge of Regents Park. This stunning regency townhouse was a fitting London wedding venue for our couple. And the weather through the day was just perfect, some even said it was too hot!

So, after a few shots of the venue and the bride and her party getting ready we went to the Regent’s Room for the ceremony. All the decor of the York and Albany is definitely on the stylish side. Especially some very interesting chandeliers! The staff and coordinators were very helpful and efficient in the day. Because of that the whole experience was so much more pleasant for everyone.

Regent’s Park Wedding Photography

The quiz with guests answering questions about the couple was a fun one with lost of laughs, as well as an emotional speech by the bride. The meal was filled with some exquisite dishes straight from one of the finest kitchens in town. After that, we did a few semi-formal group shots, and we even managed to go with the happy couple for a short walk around Regent’s Park.

The second, evening venue for the day was The Botanist at the Broad Gate circle in the City of London. On the way there we planned to stop by St.Paul Cathedral for a few photos. But because it was so busy with tourists that we quickly changed the plan. We checked a narrow passage off the main road. Right inside we found this awesome staircase. I was a bit hesitant considering legalities of trespassing but before I was able to say anything the happy couple was already halfway up! This was just brilliant, and looking back at the photos makes me so happy that Amy and Lewis were so brave and easy-going.

We even hopped on the bus when we couldn’t find a taxi. And (of course) managed to get lost around the city looking for the venue. Well, we found it at the end, where the whole crowd around the busy square gave the couple a big cheer!

Thank you guys for choosing Blue Lily Weddings to be your London wedding photographer.

I enjoyed it so much! x

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