Gosfield Hall Wedding Photographer

Gosfield Hall Wedding

Last winter I had an enormous pleasure to be a Gosfield Hall wedding photographer. The wedding venue on the day where all the photography took place was the gorgeous Gosfield Hall, a grade 1 listed country estate in Gosfield, near Braintree.

As I love photographing weddings around Essex countryside I was really looking forward to this one at the multi-award-winning Gosfield Hall wedding venue, and I was not disappointed!

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I approached my Gosfield Hall wedding photography on the day in my usual style. The main focus was to document the wedding day beautifully. I photographed things as they unfolded without intrusion or staging, only gentle guiding during group shots and the couple shoot to make sure we’ll get the best lighting and angles to create frame-worthy photographs. The goal was making sure everyone looks their best and the couple will end up with a set of photos that will tell a complete story of their wedding day. This resulted in the photos that will stand the test of time and can be viewed with joy by the bride and groom and future generations. By looking through the complete set of their Gosfield Hall wedding pictures they will be transported to those moments and feelings as if they were there.


Gosfield Hall Wedding Photos

Here is a small selection of eighty-something Gosfield Hall wedding photos we created on this beautiful day in Essex countryside, enjoy!

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Gosfield Hall Wedding Photography

I always arrive early on the wedding day to take photographs of the wedding venue and also scout for good photo locations and good lighting later on. This gave me a good opportunity to get to know the impressive Essex wedding venue and its surroundings. The outside of the Gosfield Hall definitely does not disappoint. The Georgian manor house has a beautiful west facing Tudor facade and equally impressive (despite looking quite different) south facade overlooking green fields and a mile long lake at the bottom of the valley. Absolutely stunning architectural and natural features which made for great backdrops to the wedding photography on the day.

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The interiors of the Gosfield Hall wedding venue interiors were just as impressive as the exteriors. The atmosphere of grandeur and historical importance could be felt walking from room to room.  High ceilings, huge windows and gorgeous rooms with many historical features were just perfect for the wedding photos I took on the wedding day. I especially liked the entrance hall with gorgeous ceiling painting as well as the library with its dark timber walls and ornamented walls and ceilings. It is here that Queen Elisabeth the I visited frequently and king Louis the XVIII resided while escaping the French revolution.

But don’t take my word on it. Have a look at this selection of Gosfield Hall wedding photos from the day and see for yourselves!

Wedding Day Photography at the Gosfield Hall

The bride and groom on the day were simply a couple of super nice people and so much in love. They made me feel very welcomed which helped to create a relaxed atmosphere for their wedding photos. They were surrounded by a group of like-minded wedding guests and the vibe throughout the wedding day was just full of laughter and positive emotions.

We started the photography with a few photos of the Gosfield Hall wedding venue. Then I spent some time photographing the bride getting ready surrounded by her bridesmaids as well as the mother of the groom. So a few pictures of the dress and the wedding shoes and the overall atmosphere and off I was to see the groom. He was in his room together with his best man and the father of the groom. There we took some nice photos of the buttonholes being applied and in no time there was a time for the wedding ceremony.

The wedding ceremony took place in the Queen Charlotte’s oak-panelled gallery, a 120-foot aisle just perfect for it. Gosfield Hall also has a carriageway which was recently licensed and is perfect for the outside wedding ceremonies on a sunny day. Or the Grand Salon is another impressive space in which the ceremony may take place, with its baby grand piano and beautiful hand-painted ceiling.

Gosfield Hall-a perfect wedding venue for your Essex wedding

Confetti photos took place right by the grand staircase of the Gosfield Hall. Then it was time for some group photos as well as a quick couple shoot with the bride and groom. The room for the wedding breakfast was Marquis of Buckingham former ballroom. It’s grand setting with beautiful chandeliers and oaked pannels walls as well as gorgeous ornaments and large ivory marble fireplace made for beautiful backdrops to the Gosfield Hall photos on the day.

The wedding speeches were funny and moving and the food served for the wedding breakfast was delicious. After the photo of the bouquet toss and the cake cutting one of my favourite parts of Gosfield Hall wedding photography started- the party! After the first dance, the wedding guests took to the dancefloor and we got some great photos of everyone enjoying themselves performing crazy dance moves.

We finished the day with beautiful pictures of the wedding sparklers sendoff. All in all a perfect wedding day full of great wedding photography around one of the best Essex wedding venues, the multi-award-winning Gosfield Hall.

Other wedding professionals who helped to make this day special:

Make-up and Hair: Bumble Bee Bridal

Flowers: Stock Florist

Video: If It Moves

Cake: M&S

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If you enjoyed this set of photos from the recent Gosfield Hall wedding and like my style and relaxed approach, please get in touch. We can organise a meeting and have a chat about your wedding day plans. I would love to find out if I could help you to create a beautiful set of photos from your wedding day. It may just be the beginning of a beautiful adventure with Blue Lily Weddings!

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