Engagement Photographer London

Engagement Photography London

As a London engagement photographer, I absolutely love documenting joy and connection on the streets of this beautiful city with beautiful couple photos.

My approach to engagement photography whether that is in London or anywhere else is simple. Firstly, I want to make sure you will look great in your photos and communicate with you beforehand to make sure the end result will meet and exceed expectations.

I also want you to just enjoy yourselves and have fun. It’s then when true and honest interaction takes place and the most beautiful and natural engagement photography is achieved. It’s also great to have a chat before I pick up my camera to get to know you a bit a have a feel of your personalities. I think it’s very important for the photos to reflect who you are and your story as a couple.

It’s also great to choose a place that has a personal meaning for you, like a favourite part of London, one of the places you like to visit or go on a date.

When it comes to lighting conditions, most often the most flattering light for engagement portrait photography is right after sunrise or just before the sunset, when the sun is low and the tones are soft. Starting early in the morning has also a great advantage if you don’t want too many photo-bombers in your images!

London Couple Shoot Photographer

What I love the most about doing engagement photography in London is that the city has so much to offer. It is pretty much an endless playground for an engagement photographer. No matter how many couple shoots in London you do as a wedding photographer, you can always find new places, angles and lighting conditions. London always changes, with new buildings and spaces popping up every year and constant flow of people.


Best locations for engagement photography in London

London is such a beautiful, vast and unique city that almost no matter where you end up, there is always something amazing you can use in the engagement photography. The combination of new and old architecture, as well as wide and narrow streets with some of the grandest buildings in the world, makes for a great backdrop for anyone planning a couple shoot in London. Not to mention all the green spaces and gorgeous parks with something to offer in all weather and all seasons. Bear in mind that for many of the locations an official photography permit is now required. For example in Queen’s Parks as well as by the Tower Bridge.

Some of my favourite locations for a couple photo shoot in London include:

Hyde Park, Green Park and Regents Park engagement photos


london engagement photography hyde parklondon engagement photography hyde park couple embracing in the treeslondon engagement photography hyde park walking and laughinglondon engagement photography hyde park running through the trees

I photographed in all of them numerous times and always love coming back. Royal Parks have a great combination of landscaped gardens as well as more wild, natural looking areas. And they change throughout the year with seasons! In most of them, however, a permit for photography may be required, so it’s always great to find out to avoid disappointment.

Another great location for engagement photos in London. Canals are very picturesque with the long boats parked along the paths as well as lots of greenery and some interesting tunnels.


Camden Town and London Canals engagement photos

london engagement photography camden townlondon engagement photography camden townlondon engagement photography camden town

Camden Town is such a great part of London, and perfect for a couple shoot with is versatile architecture. It is famous for its market, a warren of fashion and curiosities by the Regent’s Canal. A haven of counter culture, the area is popular with tourists, teenagers and punks.

Covent Garden engagement photos

Such an amazing place right in the heart of London. With beautiful, historical architecture and a place to hide in case of rain, you can’t go wrong when choosing Covent Garden for your engagement photos.

King’s Cross Station engagement photos

Excellent engagement photo shoot location with beautiful architecture of the King’s Cross Station. Red brick walls give a nice, warm tone to the images and the huge, open space of the station is flooded with gorgeous light. It’s always busy so great location to show off the hectic nature of London. It’s also great for rainy days!

Big Ben, Houses of Parliament and The London Eye engagement photos

They are all close to each other and for many couples absolute must-have landmarks. Just bear in mind that Big Ben is now covered in scaffold and will remain this way until at least 2021.

London South Bank and Thames Embankment engagement photos

london engagement photography south banklondon engagement photography south bank couple strolling along thames river

Awesome locations for couple shoot with the river just by your side. The Thames river always creates a stunning backdrop and the light is also great for photography as it’s a vast open space. Perfect for some intimate photos while strolling by.

Millenium Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral and the Tower Bridge engagement photos

london engagement photography tower bridge and st paul's couple embracinglondon engagement photography tower bridge and st paul's walking up the stepslondon engagement photography tower bridge and st paul's strolling by the bridge

All iconic locations with so much grandeur and history about them. The Tower Bridge is probably topping them all. An absolute must for anyone looking for beautiful engagement photos in London.

London City, Borough Market and Brick Lane engagement photos


london engagement photography brick lanelondon engagement photography brick lanelondon engagement photography brick lane murallondon engagement photography brick lane couple kissing below market rooflondon engagement photography brick lane walking with the doglondon engagement photography brick lane murals and shops

Those locations can create some stunning backdrops for a couple shoot in London. London City has one of a kind mixture of ultra modern, high rise architecture and beautiful old, grand buildings from many centuries ago.

Borough Market is great with its amazing location, full of people from all around the world reflecting a cosmopolitan character of London.

Brick Lane must be one of my favourite spots for engagement photos. It has a more industrial feel and some of the most amazing murals and graffiti painting that regularly change so you never know what you will get!

Greenwich Park engagement photos



Greenwich Park is just a perfect location for a couple shoot in London. It has simply everything. You can start by the famous ship Cutty Sark and then walk along the river. The grounds of Greenwich University and Naval College have classic and gorgeous architecture. And once you get to the top of the park by the Greenwich Observatory it has one of the best views in London with the high rise buildings of Canary Warf in the background. It also changes beautifully with seasons and has a different charm to it depending on the time of the year.

Hampstead Heath engagement photos

london engagement photography hampstead heathlondon engagement photography hampstead heathlondon engagement photography hampstead heath

Hampstead Heath is another beautiful location for a couple shoot in London. It has stunning views and vast, green, open spaces. It also has a hidden gem inside of it which is the Pergola Garden. I absolutely love doing engagement photography there. With its beautiful structures overgrown by vegetation, it has one of a kind atmosphere. It definitely reminds of the Secret Garden!


Simply meeting up at home and then just wandering through the streets of London is also a great and simple idea for an engagement shoot!

london engagement photography covent gardenlondon engagement photography chelsealondon engagement photography covent garden

Here are the answers to the most common questions regarding engagement photographyin London:

How many hours will the couple shoot last?

An average photo shoot takes around 2 hours. But, I’ve also done short ones as well as ones that took all day with many changes of outfits.

How much is an engagement photo shoot in London?

My London engagement photo shoot prices start at £450.

How many photos will we receive and how are they delivered

You will get a minimum of 50 full resolution edited images in a password protected online gallery with unlimited downloads.

How long do we have to wait for the photos?

On average it’s around two weeks but the times may vary depending on how busy I am. I would never sacrifice quality over speed. In special situations a few days turnaround time is possible.

We are not big fans of our photos being taken and feel a bit camera shy. Can you help?

Of course! Most people are (including me) so it’s completely normal. With my natural and fun approach, I will help you create an atmosphere where you relax and look your best. And if you feel a bit nervous before the shoot, we can always start with a drink in a local pub!

What to wear for an engagement shoot?

To keep it simple just wear something you feel comfortable in. In general, I would avoid sharp patterns and bright colours. Warm and pastel colours always look good. But, if black is your thing, just go for it!

If you have any more questions, feel free to get in touch!

london engagement photography the best oflondon engagement photography the best oflondon engagement photography the best of

If You wish to check one of the full sets of photos from engagement shoots around London you can check it here and another one from Brick Lane couple shoot right here.


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