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The recent engagement couple shoot with Coral and Owen was definitely an enjoyable one! We met up in the trendy area of Shoreditch-the Brick Lane. I haven’t shot around there before and was really excited about it because of the vibe of the place. It has a sort of an urban gritty feel to it, with murals and graffiti at almost every corner. Some of it very impressive. It nostalgically reminded me of the times when I was a ‘graffiti artist’ myself as a teenager. Definitely some great memories.
The architecture of this part of London is also very interesting. With many post-industrial buildings turned into cool art galleries, shops and street markets. All of those things created a very nice backdrop for our urban couple shoot. That day I was a very happy East London wedding photographer.

Wedding Photographer East London

Another great thing about this photo shoot was the fact that the couple brought their dog Nelly with them. So enthusiastic and did not want to leave them even for a few seconds. Which turned out to be a bit of a challenge when we tried to get some photos just of the couple themselves.
I literally had to shoot with the camera in one hand and Nelly on the lead (pulling hard!) in the other with the umbrella to protect the camera wedged between my shoulder and the side of my face. And they say this job is easy!
At the end, Nelly was just a great addition to all the shots, a very photogenic dog adding her character to the shoot. I really loved it as it showed more of the personality of Coral and Owen. And that is always a great thing in a photo shoot.
The weather was so wet on that day. It was raining pretty much non stop! Which was great as there weren’t so many people photobombing on the usually very busy streets of Brick Lane. And I just loved the wet reflective surfaces of the roads and pavements often adding another dimension to the shots.
We finished shooting by the Tower Bridge, one of the most iconic landmarks of London. That place is always busy, no matter the weather!
Thank you guys for letting me accompany you on your stroll. I can’t wait for the big day now!
If you are looking for a wedding or engagement London photographer and like the vibe of this photo shoot then please get in touch. I’m always up for a new adventure!

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